Alexander Brown
W4-70D Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-1854
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Development and application of quantum, semi-classical, and classical dynamics methods for the study of molecular photoabsorption, photodissociation, and photoionization; laser control of chemical reactions.
Julianne M. Gibbs-Davis
E3-52 Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-7140
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Multivalency and molecular recognition at interfaces; physical chemistry of "green" catalytic surfaces; supramolecular, self-replicating systems for DNA detection; nonlinear optical spectroscopy of interfacial dynamics 
Gabriel Hanna
W4-70C Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-3352
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Development of mixed quantum-classical methods for the study of condensed phase quantum dynamics; mixed quantum-classical formulations of nonlinear spectroscopy; modeling of multidimensional infrared spectra of nanoconfined systems 
Wolfgang Jäger
CCIS 4-244
(780) 492-5020
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Application of molecular beam techniques and pulsed excitation-emission spectroscopic methods for the study of weak intermolecular interactions 
John Klassen
CCIS 4-084
(780) 492-3501
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Bio-physical gas-phase ion chemistry, mass spectrometry of proteins, DNA and complex oligosaccharides, Fourier transform mass spectrometry 
Mariusz Klobukowski
W3-45 Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-2568
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Development and applications of model core potentials in accurate molecular structure calculations; electronic structure of inorganic, organic, and organometallic molecules, molecular ions, and molecular clusters in their ground and excited electronic states; weakly interacting systems; relativistics effects in atoms and molecules 
Glen R. Loppnow
CCIS 4-103
(780) 492-9704
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Time- and frequency-resolved absorption, fluorescence, IR and Raman Spectroscopy; excited-state processes in biological systems; development, characterization and analytical applications of molecular spectroscopy; photoinduced molecular and biomolecular dynamics; photoinduced charge- and electron-transfer 
Nils O. Petersen
E3-52A Chemistry Centre
(780) 248-1487
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Intermolecular interactions in cell membranes; physical properties of lung surfactants; cellular adhesion and motility; development of new imaging modalities and scanning probe microscopy approaches to study cellular structure and function 
Roderick E. Wasylishen
E3-24 Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-4336
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Applications of modern multinuclear NMR techniques to study molecular structure and dynamics of solid materials 
Yunjie Xu
CCIS 4-245
(780) 492-1244
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Cavity ring down spectroscopy of homochiral and heterochiral diasteromers, ab initio studies of chiral recognition interaction surfaces, vibrational circular dichroism of chiral molecules.